Can I list my business if I am outside of South Africa?

Only businesses and events in South Africa can list.


Can anyone list their business?

The platform is to promote Black/Coloured businesses only.


Are all types of businesses eligible?

Only registered businesses will be profiled. No unfinished, Under construction, Pornography, Violence, Multilevel marketing products/business, Forex trading, Crypto currency, Religious or party political products/services will be accepted on our directory.


How do I submit my listing?

On the website at the top right hand corner there is a button that says add listing.


Are there any hidden costs?

Add Listing page stipulates all the costs. Nothing else.


How do I modify or remove my listing?

Please send an email to queries@bantunet.africa


Can I use more than one category for my listing?

The system will only allow one registration number per business.


How do I advertise my business on your social media pages?

Only premium accounts get the privilege of free advertising on our social media platforms.