About us

About us

The simple trick in reaching the customer is for the business to be located. Many are riding on the wave of supporting Black/local businesses but are often frustrated because the businesses are playing hide and go seek.

We believe there is a simpler and more effective way of supporting the growth of black businesses in the country, and that’s creating a network of possibilities. This directory serves as a curator showcasing professional black business profiles on one platform, giving businesses an on line presence, for consumers to have easy access to services and products. This gives businesses instant exposure, access to lucrative supply chains and definite growth.

We don’t only believe that businesses can grow drastically when their consumers can locate them, but we believe that it’s about a culture and about changing the narrative.

This mobility collates voluntary societies where people live in accordance with a specific social contract, based on common and communal principles and an understanding of a social and economic framework of growth.

Participating within a social enterprise has a profound and positive impact on participants. They improve their skills, financial stability, food security, housing, health, relationships with friends and family, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

Bantu Net supporters and subscribers will form a part of a network that will be accessed and used for requisites of transformational intentions by the consumers together with the business.

Our theme as Bantu Net is to obliterate feelings of dependency in the black population and to replace them with attitudes of self-reliance, self-confidence, self-aware and responsibility.

We strive to advance black South Africans by empowering the unemployed, employed and black owned businesses through circulating money and expertise across it’s members.

We aim to remind the black populace to learn to rely on each other, work together on concrete tasks that take advantage of new self-awareness of their collective and individual assets and, in the process, create human, family, and social capital that provides a new base for a more promising future.

Our hope and aim is to create a platform that will bring about drastic change for our consumers and black owned businesses in SA.